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How to Play the Log Drum

Learn how to play the log drum from the musicians at Wula Drum in this Howcast video.


This is how to play the log drum, sometimes also called the krin.

You want to hold the stick very comfortably, and you don't want to use too thick of a stick because that will make the sound kind of muffled. Everyone's technique is a little bit different. I hold my stick kind of like this.

Speaker 2: I hold mine like this because my technique is different like Michael [?] technique, so my technique is more different.

Speaker 3: I'm learning so, I'm finding my way. It's okay.

Speaker 1: When you play the log drug, you want to make sure you use about an inch or so into the stick. You're going to hit on an angle on the first or second slat. Not the tip of the stick, that doesn't sound strong. We want to play with the shoulder of the stick, like this.

Speaker 2: So mine, I just hit it but I know how to make the sound because it [inaudible]... and the sound is a little different so I can hit it like this. It's very easy and comfortable.

Speaker 3: I'm studying, so I'm going to keep on looking for my best technique.

Speaker 1: See? The log drum has many sounds. Hasan played like three or four different sounds because each slap has a different pitch. Also, you can play on the edge with the tip of the stick.

Speaker 2: The way I can get my technique, because mine have two different sounds, so I'm going to put the two together to make a different sound. You see?

Speaker 1: And as Bemba showed, you can play quietly, or you can play loudly. Fast. Or slow. This music is meant to be played outside, so it carries far, because it's wood on wood. This is how you play the log drum.

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