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Balafon Beginner Techniques

Learn playing techniques for the balafon beginner from the musicians at Wula Drum in this Howcast video.


I want to share beginning technique for the Baliphone. Thank you. I'll do that again. That's one octave. This is technique but softly, it's not hard. You go softly. See how I hold this tape. You see, I'm not like this because like this with your finger ahead how to be work hit the notes like this? See? That's the beginning technique of how to play the Baliphone. So when you play Baliphone, you want to play Baliphone, it's not going to be here. Hopefully the Baliphone, when you hit Baliphone here in the middle, you're going to have good sound here. See? Perfect. You can hear you lose the sound and then here, you see, the string is here so the note is come from here. Here. That's why when the Baliphone is played they like to put the microphone here in the front because the sound come here. But for that you're not going to have sound. You see? In the middle of the wood, you have a good sound. And here you lose the sound. In the middle you've got a good sound. Now, if you want to make music with that, that octave C-major octave. Thank you.

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