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How to Say "Goodbye" in Russian

Learn how to say "goodbye" in Russian with this online Russian language lesson from Howcast.


How to say goodbye in Russian. Do svee-dah-nyah. I'll say it real slow and
the accent is on the third syllable. Do svee-dah-nyah. Do svee-dah-nyah.
Now you try. Great. And basically, that means until we meet again and it's the
most common way of parting with someone. Another very similar and accepted
way of saying goodbye is do-vstre-chi. That's two words. The accent is on
the first syllable of the second word. I'll say it slower. Do vstre-chi. Do
vstre-chi. Now you give it a try. Do vstre-chi. Excellent.

Now, if you were to wish all the best for someone, you would say vse-vo do-
bro-vo. That's two words. The first word hits the accent on the second
syllable. The second word hits the accent on the first syllable. Now, I'll
say it slow all together. Vse-vo do-bro-vo. One more time at normal speed and
then, it's your turn. Vse-vo do-bro-vo. Excellent. And finally, when parting with
a friend whom you'll see soon ie. later, you can just say pah-kah. A little
slower, pah-kah. The accent is on the second syllable. Pah-kah. Now you
give it a try. Fantastic. Those are some of the ways to say goodbye in

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