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How to Say "No" in Russian

Learn how to say "no" in Russian with this online Russian language lesson from Howcast.


How to say no in Russian.

The most common way, which you may know is nyet.

One more time. nyet.

Now you give it a try. nyet.

Great, but if you really disagree with someone, you can say

ka-tye-go-RI-chye-ski nyet.

The first word of that ka-tye-go-RI-chye-ski hits the accent on the fourth syllable.

I'm just going to say that word, ka-tye-go-RI-chye-ski and then you say nyet.

All together it's ka-tye-go-RI-chye-ski nyet.

Ka-tye-go-RI-chye-ski nyet.

Now, you give it a try.

Great! Another way to express disagreement is to say NYEH-ah.

I'll say it slower.



Now, you try.

Great! Now if you really want to disagree with someone and say no way, no how! A phrase for that can be,

ni-KAK nyet.

The accent is on the second syllable of that first word. So let me say it slower.

ni-KAK nyet.

ni-KAK nyet.

Now, you try.

Really good.

Lastly, a sort of slangy way of saying no is, NYE-too-shki.

It's derivative of the word Nyet, and the accent is on the first syllable.

It sounds like this when I say it slow.


One more time.


Now you try.

Great! So those are some of the ways in which you can say no in Russian.

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