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How to Say "Excuse Me" in Russian

Learn how to say "excuse me" in Russian with this online Russian language lesson from Howcast.


How to say excuse me in Russian, извините. The accent is on the second syllable of each of the two words. I'll say it slow, извините. One more time, извините. Now say it at normal speed, извините. Give it a try. Great. And that basically means excuse me or forgive me. Another thing you can say that means pardon me, if you wanted to pass someone for example, you could say, Прошу прощения.

The accent is on the third syllable. Прошу прощения. One more time, slow. Прошу прощения. And now at normal speed, Прошу прощения. Give it a try. Great job. Those are basically the ways to say excuse me in Russian.

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