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How to Say "Thank You" in Russian

Learn how to say "thank you" in Russian with this online Russian language lesson from Howcast.


How to say 'thank you' in Russian. The most common way is спасибо. The accent is on the second syllable. I'll say it slow. Spuh-SEE-buh. One more time. Spuh-SEE-buh. And now at normal speed. спасибо. Now you try. That sounds great.

But if you wanted to say many thanks, or thank you in a big way, you could say огромное спасибо. огромное, the accent is on the second syllable. O-GROM-no-yeh. Now we'll put the two words together. огромное спасибо. One more time slow, o-GROM-no-yeh spuh-SEE-buh. And now at conversational pace, огромное спасибо. Give it a try. Great.

Now a common way to thank someone is to say I'm in in your debt. For a man saying it it sounds like Я ваш должник. The accent on the last word, dolzh-NIK is on the second syllable. It sounds like this, really slow. Ya vash dolzh-NIK. One more time. Ya vash dolzh-NIK. Now at normal pace. Я ваш должник. Now you try. Excellent.

Now if you're a woman saying the same thing, it would sound like this. Я ваша должница. The accent on the second word, VASH-a, is on the first syllable, and the accent on the third word, dolzh-NEE-tzah is on the second syllable. Let me put it all together. Ya VASH-a dolzh-NEE-tzah. One more time, slow. Ya VASH-a dolzh-NEE-tzah. Now at normal pace. Я ваша должница. Now you try. Fantastic.

Another way of thanking someone is to say I'm greatful to you. 'лагодарю. The accent is on the last syllabele. 'лагодарю. Now I'll say it slow. Blag-oh-doh-RHYU. One more time slow. Blah-oh-doh-RHYU. Now at normal pace. 'лагодарю. Give it a try. Great.

Another version of that which suggests even more greatfulness, even more sincerity about it would be 'лагодарствую. The accent is on the third syllable. Let me say it slow. Blag-oh-DARH-stvoo-yoo. One more time slow. Blag-oh-DARH-stvoo-yoo. Now I'll say it quickly, at normal pace. 'лагодарствую. Now you try. Great.

Those are some of the common ways in which to say thank you in Russian.

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