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How to Say "You're Welcome" in Russian

Learn how to say "you're welcome" in Russian with this online Russian language lesson from Howcast.


How to say "You're Welcome" in Russian.

"na zda-ROV-yeh"

That's two words. The second word hits the accent on the second syllable. I'll say it slow. "na zda-ROV-yeh". One more time. "na zda-ROV-yeh". Now at normal pace. "na zda-ROV-yeh". "na zda-ROV-yeh". Now you try.

That's really good. Another way of saying you're welcome is to say, "It's nothing." "NYEH-zuh-shtoh". Although those are 3 separate words, when you say that phrase, you sort of create an accent on that first word, "NYEH". So let me put it all together. It would sound like this: "NYEH-zuh-shtoh". "NYEH-zuh-shtoh". Now at normal pace, "NYEH-zuh-shtoh". Now you give it a try.

Really good. Another phrase which you might use is, "It's not worth the thanks." In Russian, that sounds like, "nye STO-yeet bla-go-DAR-no-stsi". The accent on the second word is on the first syllable. The accent on the third word is on the third syllable. Putting it all together, nice and slow: "nye STO-yeet bla-go-DAR-no-stsi". One more time slow: "nye STO-yeet bla-go-DAR-no-stsi". And now at conversational pace, ""nye STO-yeet bla-go-DAR-no-stsi". Now you try.

Great job. Now a common phrase that is used to express something like, "Don't even mention it" would be "RA-dzi BO-gha". It literally means, "For God's sake", but it is used as "Don't mention it", so here it is again slower: "RA-dzi BO-gha". The accents are on the first syllables of each word. One more time slow: "RA-dzi BO-gha". Now I'll do it at normal pace: "RA-dzi BO-gha". Now you try.

Excellent. Well, those are some of the ways to say, "You're welcome" in Russian.

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