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How to Say "Where Is the Bathroom" in Russian

Learn how to say "where is the bathroom" in Russian with this online Russian language lesson from Howcast.


How to say "where's the bathroom" in Russian.

"де туалет. The accent on that second word is on the last syllable.

"де туалет. One more time slowly.

"де туалет. And at normal pace, "де туалет.

Now you try. Nice job. If you needed to know "where's the men's room" you would say, где мужской туалет. The second word мужской hits the accent on the second syllable. All together slowly. где мужской туалет. One more time. где мужской туалет.

Now at normal pace. где мужской туалет. Now you try. Fantastic. Finally, if you wanted to know "where's the women's room" you would say, где женском туалете. The accent on the second word is on the first syllable. где женском туалете.

One more time slowly. где женском туалете. And at normal pace. где женском туалете. Now you try. Nice job. So, those are just some of the ways to ask where's the bathroom in Russian.

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