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How to Say "Son" & "Daughter" in Russian

Learn how to say "son" and "daughter" in Russian with this online Russian language lesson from Howcast.


How to say "son" and "daughter" in Russian.

"Sin i doch-ka". "Sin" is son "doch-ka" is daughter. "Doch ka hits the accented of the first syllable.

So putting it all together, nice and slow "sin i doch-ka". One more time slowly, "sin i doch-ka". In normal pace "sin i doch-ka". Now you try. Great.

Now more affectionate way of saying "son" or "daughter" would be "sin-o-check", "do-chen-ka". For "son" - "sin-o-check", the second syllables hit. For "do-chen-ka", an affectionate way of saying "daughter" it hits the fist syllable. So one more time both words, nice and slow "sin-o-check, do-chen-ka". And again "sin-o-check, do-chen-ka". And at conversational pace, "sin-o-check, do-chen-ka". Give it a try. Fantastic.

If you just wanted to say "children" it would be "dze-tsi". The accent is on the first syllable "dze-tsi". One more time "dze-tsi". And at normal pace "dze-tsi". Give it a try. Fantastic.

Those are some of the ways to say "son and daughter" in Russian.

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