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How to Say "Miss" & "Mrs." in Russian

Learn how to say "miss" and "Mrs." in Russian with this online Russian language lesson from Howcast.


How to say Miss and Mrs. in Russian. Miss would be девушка. The accent is on that first syllable. девушка. Once more slowly, DZYE-voo-shka. And at normal pace, девушка. Now you try. Awesome.

Now for Mrs., the word is госпожа. The accent is on that last syllable. госпожа. And once more, go-spo-JHA. And at normal pace, госпожа. Give it a try.

Now if you didn't want to say Mrs. you could say lady and that would be дама. The accent is on the first syllable. DAH-mah. One more time, дама. Now you try. Great.

Now in Russian you can use the word woman as a form of address and it's perfectly polite. You would say женщина. One more time slowly, hitting the accent on the first syllable. ZHEN-shee-nah. And again, женщина. And at normal pace, женщина. Now you try. Great.

That's how you say Miss and Mrs. in Russian.

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