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How to Say "May I Speak To" in Russian

Learn how to say "may I speak to" in Russian with this online Russian language lesson from Howcast.


How to say, 'May I speak to,' in Russian.

Ya mogu pogovarit se. Let me break that down for you. Ya is the first word. Magu is the second word. The accent on that is on the second syllable. Pogovarit is the third word. The accent is on the last syllable there. Se is just a monosyllabic word which means with, in Russian.

Putting it altogether, Ya mogu pogovarit se, and, usually, of course, you would continue that with the name of the person. So, let me say that once again, slowly. Ya mogu pogavarit se. Now slightly faster, Ya mogu pogovarite se. Give it a try. Fantastic.

That's how you say, 'May I speak to,' in Russian.

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