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How to Say "Good Luck" in Russian

Learn how to say "good luck" in Russian with this online Russian language lesson from Howcast.


How to say good luck in Russian. удачи. The accent on that is on the second syllable. One more time, nice and slow. удачи. And now a little bit quicker. удачи. Give it a shot. Great.

Now the next thing is sort of a call and response. One person would say the first phrase, and then the second person would say the second phrase. It's derivative from a hunting tradition. If someone goes out hunting you say, 'neither down nor feathers,' which is obviously the opposite of what they want. And then the person responds by saying, 'to the devil.' It's pretty much the same exact thing as 'break a leg' in English. So, the first part of it, neither down nor feathers, is Ни пуxа, ни пера! The second word, POO-ha gets the accent on the first syllable. Pyre-RAH, the last word, hits the accent on the second syllable. Putting that together, Ни пуxа, ни пера!

Now the responder would say, К черту! To the devil. The second word, CHYOR-too hits the accent on the first syllable, but you kind of combine those two words together. К черту! One more time. К черту! So putting it all together, it would be, Ни пуxа, ни пера! К черту. Now one more time, with feeling. Ни пуxа, ни пера! К черту! Give it a shot. There you go. So that's how you say good luck in Russian.

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