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How to Say "I Don't Know" in Russian

Learn how to say "I don't know" in Russian with this online Russian language lesson from Howcast.


How to say "I don't know" in Russian. The most direct translation would be
ya nyeh zna-yoo. That's three words. The third word zna-yoo, hits the
accent on the first syllable. Putting it together, ya nyeh zna-yoo. One
more time nice and slow. Ya nyeh zna-yoo. And now, slightly quicker. ya
nyeh zna-yoo. Now, you try. Great. Another way of saying "I don't know"
would be I have no idea, which translates as pred-stav-lye-nee-ya nyeh ee-
meh-yoo. The first word of that, pred-stav-lye-nee-ya, hits the accent on
the third syllable and the third word, ye nyeh ee-meh-yoo, hits the accent
on the second syllable.

Putting it all together, pred-stav-lye-nee-ye nyeh ee-meh-yoo. One more
time, nice and slow. Pred-stav-lye-nee-ye nyeh ee-meh-yoo. And now, at a
more conversational pace, pred-stav-lye-nee-ye nyeh ee-meh-yoo. Now, you
try. Great. Finally, if you wanted to say something like I don't have a
clue, you could say byez po-nya-tsi-ya. One more time, hitting the accent
on the second syllable of the second word, byez po-nya-tsi-ya. Now,
slightly quicker, byez po-nya-tsi-ya. Now, you try. Great. There you go.
That's how you say "I don't know" in Russian.

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