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How to Say "Shut Up" in Russian

Learn how to say "shut up" in Russian with this online Russian language lesson from Howcast.


How to say 'shut up' in Russian. Well, one way of saying shut up would be Za-mohl-chee. That hits the accent on the last syllable. One more time, nice and slow. Za-mohl-chee. And now, slightly quicker, замолчи. Give it a shot. Okay, fine.

Another way of saying shut up in Russian would be Mohl-chyats. That hits the accent as well on the second syllable. I'll say it nice and slow. Mohl-chyats. And one more time. Mohl-chyats. And now more conversationally, mohl-chyats. Give it a shot. Great.

Now if you really wanted someone to shut the hell up, you would say zat-kneess. The accent on that as well is on the second syllable. One more time. Zat-kneess. One more time slower. Zat-kneess. And now as you would say it in regular life. Zat-kneess. Give it a shot. Great.

Finally, if you wanted to tell someone to shut your mouth, you could say za-kroy rot. The accent on that first word, za-kroy, which means shut or close, is on the second syllable, and rot is the word for mouth. So putting it together, za-kroy rot. One more time nice and slow, za-kroy rot. And now saying it with emphasis. Za-kroy rot. Now you try. Great. So that's how you say 'shut up' in Russian.

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