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How to Say "I Don't Speak Russian" in Russian

Learn how to say "I don't speak Russian" in Russian with this online Russian language lesson from Howcast.


How to say 'I don't speak Russian' in Russian. One way of saying it would be
ya nee guh-vah-ryoo pah roo-skee. Let me break that down. Ya nee guh-vah-
ryoo. The third word hits the last accent. Pah-roo-skee. Roo-skee, which means
Russian, hits the first syllable of that word. Bring it all together. Ya
nee guh-vah-ryoo pah roo-skee. One more time even slower. Ya nee guh-vah-
ryoo pah roo-skee. And now saying it a little bit quicker. Ya nee guh-vah-ryoo
pah roo-skee. Give it a shot. That sounds great.

The other way of saying 'I don't speak Russian' would be ya roo-sko-vo nyeh
zna-yoo. Literally, that means I don't know Russian. Let me break that down
for you. Ya roo-sko-va. The second word, roo-skoo-va, hits the accent on
the first syllable. Nyeh zna-yoo. Zna-yoo is the last word. The accent on
that is on the first syllable. Bring it together. Ya roo-sko-vo nyeh zna-
yoo. One more time nice and slow. Ya roo-sko-vo nyeh zna-yoo. And now slightly
more conversationally, ya roo-sko-vo nyeh zna-yoo. Give it a shot.
That sounds great for someone who doesn't know Russian. That's how you say 'I
don't speak Russian' in Russian.

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