How to Say "Vodka" in Russian

Learn how to say "vodka" in Russian with this online Russian language lesson from Howcast.


How to Say Vodka in Russian. This is a very important word and the most basic translation would be водка. One more time. водка. Practice that again. водка. Now you try. A more affectionate nickname for vodka, or водка, would be водярa. One more time. водярa, and the accent on that is on the second syllable. I'll say it even slower, voh-DZYRA-ra. And now I'll say it a little quicker, водярa. Why don't you take a shot. Great.

There's lots of names and lots of nicknames for vodka. One of those is беленькая. The accent on that is on the first syllable. I'll say it real slow, BEH-lyen-ka-ya. One more time. BEH-lyen-ka-ya. And now slightly quicker, беленькая. Why don't you take a shot. Great.

Now if you want to say half-liter in Russian, which can only mean one thing, that would be поллитра. The accent on that is on the second syllable. Let's say it nice and slow. Pohl-LEE-tra. And one more time. Pohl-LEE-tra. Now slightly quicker, поллитра. Now you try. Great.

Finally this is sort of an interesting homynym. If we were to say, 'what can I do' with a Russian accent, you should actually be saying I'll find vodka. Let's give it a shot. водки найду. One more time. водки найду. Give it a shot. There you go. I hope you find vodka, and that's how you say vodka in Russian.

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