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6 Warning Signs Your Partner Is Cheating

Learn the six warning signs that your partner is cheating on you from couples counselor Victoria Wilson, Ph.D. in this Howcast video.


So, what are the warning signs that your partner is cheating? Well, there are numerous ones and in our digital age, the first one would be cell phone or computer habits. If your partner used to put his cell phone in plain view and now hides it all the time, turns it off when you're around or puts it on silent, if he or she tends to put password now on his cell phone or computer or her, those are signs, of course, that something might be going on. The other sign is sexual cooling off, less sexual attention devoted to you.

Another sign is newly found attention to fitness. All of a sudden working out, losing weight, to clothes and appearance. A lot of times, these affairs prompt people to start paying attention to their outward appearance. And a few other signs, one of them being willingness to run errands and being gone for prolonged periods of time. And of course, any change in habits or routine coupled with all of those signs may be as well a warning sign.

For instance, all of sudden your partner likes a new drink they never liked before. It's possible that their lover has introduced them to that. None of the signs should be taken alone. However, a constellation of these symptoms may indicate that your partner is engaging in an affair. Of course, a big one is cash withdrawals. If you see those and your partner is not a gambler or addict of any sort or a lottery addict, you may suspect that these money are being diverted on a new lover.

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