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What Is Country Guitar?

Learn how country guitar differs from other kinds of guitar playing from musician Boo Reiners in this Howcast video.


Country guitar is a really special part of the guitar world, in my opinion. It's part of the bard's toolkit. I think of great country music as almost like a newscast from some vagabond who's been drifting around the country and observing and making account of what's going on around him. That's kind of what country music can do at its best and the guitar is sort of the delivery method for some of this news or insight or observation.

The people who write country music and write the stories and the songs, they can use the guitar to bring what they've got to say and share into focus and to complement it. And, the guitar is just so portable it's perfect for the traveling bard that we rely on to go out and find the news and bring it back to us whether it's the news of what's going on on the landscape or what's going on inside the heart. It's kind of the same thing, so I think of country music as being really special that way. It's got that window that no other genre has in the same way, if that makes any sense. But it's so pure. It's such an American invention. It's such an American voice and it doesn't know how to be anything but authentic.

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