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How to Play 6ths on Country Guitar

Learn how to play sixths on country guitar from musician Boo Reiners in this Howcast video.


So let's check out using the interval of a sixth in the same way that we use thirds as double-stops. Here in a C chord, if you take the notes that are under your first and second finger, you've got an E and a C, that's a sixth. That's the interval known as a sixth. And we can climb up the major scale with that basic interval give or take a half step. And what I'm doing is I'm using the flat pick and I'm using my middle finger to pick the higher string, and it's just a really cool way to play a melody. It doesn't have to be a long involved statement. It can just be the end of a melody or just a little turn around or fill.

So I usually mix it up with other techniques that I might use to play a melody. In the key of G, you've probably heard that kind of sound. It sounds really good on a guitar. If you can get these working, it takes a little time to sit there and bump around and figure out what the right notes are and what the wrong notes are, but generally if you stay in the key using the notes that belong in the key that you're in, in this case in the key of G, it's really handy when you want to play, like I say, a melody or a fill. It'll take some time but it'll be well worth it, so get to work and keep on playing.

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