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How to Play Boogie Rhythm Patterns in Country Guitar

Learn how to play boogie rhythm patterns in country guitar from musician Boo Reiners in this Howcast video.


Let's take a look at playing some boogie-woogie patterns on the guitar. If you're in the key of E, here's an E chord. I could play the bottom part of the E chord just by barring with my first finger the fifth and fourth string. So if I did that and then I placed this third finger on the fifth string fourth fret, I get that basic boogie-woogie pattern. I could also just double the bass line. The bass line might more accurately be doing something like.

On an A chord we could do the same thing. We just move over, move across one string each. On a D chord you could do a very similar thing like this. So I'm kind of swinging it right there. I could go a little straighter. Okay?

So that's just an introduction to some of the boogie-woogie patterns that you might have heard on piano from long ago but they sound really good on a guitar, especially an electric guitar. So have some fun with that and we'll see you soon.

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