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How to Play Pedal Steel Licks in Country Guitar

Learn how to play pedal steel licks in country guitar from musician Boo Reiners in this Howcast video.


Let's take a look at how we can create some pedal-steel like licks on the electric guitar. We know we've got some easy bends that we can do. Now if we add some lines, add some little melodic lines to lead up to that something like this would work.

So that's just kind of a, sort of, improvised string of bends that I like to use, a few lines from the E Major scale to sort of connect them all. Hopefully we can do this while incorporating the melody of the tune. So here's a simple melody we could use.

So again, we've got bends that we do in different positions. And, then we can try to connect them with parts of the scale, the key that we're in, that would hint at the melody that we're hopefully hugging with our improvisation. And I find that just going for the melody, even if I don't get all of the melody, just going for it, tends to keep me on the rails and keeps it listenable. Keeps it out of a flashy display of licks but rather gives it a target to aim for.

So hopefully that'll help you get some pedal-steel licks going on your six string electric guitar.

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