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How to Play Pedal Steel Licks on a B-Bender Guitar

Learn how to play pedal steel licks on a B-bender guitar from country guitar player Boo Reiners in this Howcast video.


Here's a way to use the B-Bender to get a pedal steel lick going on your guitar. So I'm going to start right here, and I'm just climbing up the scale. So I'm bending this note with the B-Bender. Okay, so and then I'll play the note above it. And I've got this D triad that forms when I activate the B-Bender.

And I'll add a little line underneath it, kind of something like this. And I could do the same thing on a G chord, that was on a D chord. Here, if I move up to a G chord, I can play the same thing. And there I started with the upper note, I'm already activating the B-Bender, now I'm going to release it. And that's how you can play a pedal steel lick on the guitar using your B-Bender.

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