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How to Comp on Electric Guitar in Country Music

Learn how to comp on electric guitar in country music from musician Boo Reiners in this Howcast video.


Okay, let's talk about comping electric guitar in country. There's some pretty basic ways you can go. Here's one way to play an A chord. I like to use a flat pick and my middle finger and often my third finger. So that gives me a little more control. If I approach this like I would an acoustic guitar, it would be more like this, and that can be great. That might be perfectly appropriate, but sometimes I like to run the amp a little loud and then pull back on the volume by how hard I'm digging in or maybe using my fingers more than the bare pick.

So that rhythm there is kind of the same thing as this on an acoustic guitar but it's tucked in more. It's underneath the vocal more so it's got a lot of rhythm. Anybody else that you're playing with can really tell what you're doing, but it supports the singing as it should. So I could go up the neck for something a little bluesier. I could go up here if I wanted a jazzier sound and I'm kind of doing a little bit of muting up here by the saddles. I could do something that's got even more activity going on, something like. That's that got kind of some of that boogie-woogie sort of pattern to it. And again, I'm playing a string with a pick and letting it ring. And then I might play something above there with the middle and ring finger.

So these are just a couple different approaches you can use for comping rhythm in a country tune on your electric guitar.

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