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How to Play Jimmie Rogers Style Country Guitar

Learn how to play Jimmie Rogers-style country guitar from musician Boo Reiners in this Howcast video.


Jimmy Rogers, the father of country music, he had a lot of Jazz in his playing. The way he played guitar was almost like a ragtime piano player. A lot of people don't know way back then, but it's punctuated with a lot of bass runs. So it's got a real, bouncy lope to it. And if he was playing out of a key of C, out of a C shape, he might play something like this.

So to get all those strung together, you kind of have to sit down and experiment with basic chord shapes, the scale of that chord, connecting the scales to the other chords that belong in that key. So we've got a F chord. We've got a G chord. Going from a G back to a C. We're just climbing up the scale. G, A, B, C. And then we're going to go back down.

And he would swing those lines a little bit. Throwing in little flourishes like that, that might extend the chord from a basic triad to a seventh chord. ... And so those are some ideas to get you started on playing guitar like the singing break man, Jimmy Rogers.

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