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How to Play Country Guitar like Hank Williams

Learn how to play guitar like Hank Williams from country guitar player Boo Reiners in this Howcast video.


Hank William's guitar style was really straight ahead. He often played just rhythm guitar, and acoustic guitar with a plectrum. He had such a clear approach.

It was really there to support the poetry of his lyrics but like a lot of other people, he was influenced by Jimmy Rogers. He didn't do as many of the fancy little runs and stuff. One thing that he was really great at, was taking the blues and making it really country.

His tunes, maybe in E or in A, just had that real bluesy drive. Before there was a distinction between blues and country, way back in the day, you might hear him do something like this.

Maybe, if he wanted to play in the key of A.

That covers a lot of ground. That's a drive in country beat, but it's also got that bluesy quality as a 12-bar song form. I think the deeper you go into the Hank Williams discography, you're going to hear a lot more blues in his song writing, some of his melody, and his singing. Of course, he's got so many different facets to his song writing, and his style of song writing, types of core progressions and whatnot.

Check him out. There's actually a collection of him doing demos, his vocal and guitar. You can find out there. That would be really illuminating for you, as well. He's a really solid guitar player.

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