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Age 2 Language Milestones

Learn what language milestones a child should reach by age 2 from Watch Me Grow founder Shirael Pollack in this Howcast video.


Language milestones reached by age two. Language refers to your child's ability to understand and use language. In order to effectively communicate with their families and caregivers.

Typically by age two your child should be able to recognize familiar faces, they should be able to point to items that they know in a book for example a cat, a bird, a dog, they should also be able to have two-to-four-word sentences.

So at this point they're saying things like my cup, my puppy, my doll and it's really a great time to use that language with your child and to also model for them that it's my cup, your cup, my turn, your turn. They also understand two-step instructions so at this point you can tell your child "Go get your shoes and put them in their closet." or "Go pick up the ball and bring it to Mommy." This really encourages a lot of language in your child and remember they're also over-hearing conversations and they're also repeating that language so this is also an important time to kind of know what you're saying in front of your child as they will repeat it and use appropriate language that you want them to repeat.

Again, every child develops differently, but this is the typical development in a language milestones that you'll see by age two.

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