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Age 3 Social & Emotional Milestones

Learn what social and emotional milestones a child should reach by age 3 from Watch Me Grow founder Shirael Pollack in this Howcast video.


While every child develops differently, typically by the age of three, your child will now be able to enjoy playing dress up, enjoy playing make believe, and are now feeling like they want to be around other children.

However, they're still not sharing that well. So again, this is a great time, as parents or as caregivers, to be able to model how to take turns and how to play well with other children. But again, encourage those opportunities, like play dates and other opportunities, like in the playground, where they're around other children, and model for them how to take turns. Your child is also, at the age of three, very into their routine. So they like to do what they should be doing every day. So if every day they go to school and then they come home, and one day you decide to change that, and have a play date with them, that's wonderful.

But giving them ample warning and letting them know what's going to change is very important, because they're very into their routine. So again, if they're waking up in the morning and they're getting ready to go to school and after school their routine changes, it's nice to tell them about it. And when you pick them up at school, remind them, 'We're going to a play date today, not home.' And if you're going to have bed time after bath time, instead of after play time, again, giving them that notice is really important because they really like their routine at this age.

Again, every child develops differently, but these are some social and emotional milestones that would be reached by the age of three.

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