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Age 5 Motor Development Milestones

Learn what motor development milestones a child should reach by age 5 from Watch Me Grow founder Shirael Pollack in this Howcast video.


Motor development refers to growth motor skills which are big muscles, things that like walking, catching, kicking, and throwing a ball and fine motor skills which are more your intrinsic hand muscles and your ability for more object manipulation.

Well, every child develops at a different rate. Typically, by the age of five, your child should be able to stand up on one foot for about ten seconds. They should be able to hop on either foot, and they may even be able to skip. They should be able to do things like simple gymnastic moves, like somersaults now. And they're also able to run with ease, and they typically enjoy running as well. And they may be able to start riding a bicycle, but that's just an emergency.

In addition, your fine motor skills, your child is now able to use a fork and a spoon and a table knife with supervision. Your child should also be able to use the toilet by themselves independently and be able to wash their hands as well, and they also should be able to stair climb independently using one foot on each step without the handrail.

Encourage your child to do things more on their own because they now have the motor skills to be able to do things independently and without so much assistance.

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