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Age 5 Cognitive Development Milestones

Learn what cognitive development milestones a child should reach by age 5 from Watch Me Grow founder Shirael Pollack in this Howcast video.


Cognitive refers to your child's ability to learn, think and problem solve. While every child develops at a different rate typically by the age of five your child should be able to draw a person with six body parts now. They should also be able to copy, triangle and other simple shapes as well as copy letters and some numbers. So this is really a great time for them to start to draw, start to write and it provides them with opportunities to write more by providing them pencil with lined paper. It's much easier for a child to write letters on the line. And always encourage that their letters start at the top and go down. This is really a great time for them to learn how to write their name and it's a great way for you to work with them on achieving that skill.

In addition, your child can also now count to ten or more things and so using language like how many cars do you see on the street, how many red cars do you see, how many yellow cars and kind of using the number game with them is great because they're now really able to understand that. So for example, if you're walking down the street and you see you know, four girls at the playground, let's count how many girls there are. Let's count how many boys there are.

Engaging with your child and having them kind of think and answer these questions is a really great way to encourage them to learn and problem solve and think on their own.

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