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Age 5 Language Milestones

Learn what language milestones a child should reach by age 5 from Watch Me Grow founder Shirael Pollack in this Howcast video.


Language milestones refers to your child's ability to understand and us language so that they can effectively communicate. While every child develops at a different rate, typically by the age of five your child will now be able to say their full name and their address where they live. They will also be able to use the future tense. They are now able to tell you that, "Grandma will be here."

They're also telling you stories five or six sentences long, and they've got plenty of stories to share. So this is a great time to ask questions. Ask them about their day. Ask them, "What will you be doing later?" Even if you know the answer, it's nice to see that your child is able to tell you about their day, about what they're doing, about who they're playing with, and share stories with them.

Always give them positive encouragement, positive feedback, and continue the conversation. You'll see that your child is really able to tell you quite a bit. Encouraging them to not only share those stories with you, but even to draw a picture of their day would be great. You can have them draw a picture and ask them, "What is that picture?" And they should be able to tell you what it is they're drawing, and it could be about their day, or it could be about anything.

This is a really fun time where the language is really there, and their willingness to tell you about their day and tell you about stories is really a lot of fun to watch.

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