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Nature vs. Nurture in Child Development

Learn what part nature versus nurture plays in child development from Watch Me Grow founder Shirael Pollack in this Howcast video.


A very common topic is nature versus nurture. Is the child born with certain characters and traits or are they born with a blank slate and do you teach them things?

Well, it can be a little bit of both. Just because your child may not be born with some artistic skills or doesn't really like to color and draw because you didn't like to do that and you thing that 'Well, he gets it from me. I never really liked that' doesn't mean that they can't learn how to have great penmanship by giving them opportunities to write their name and giving them the tools and the time to try and practice that.

Even if your child may not be interested in something because they may not like it or may not be their preference, it's still ok to continue to introduce them and reintroduce them to new things because as they become more comfortable with doing things or trying them, they might eventually start to like it as they become better at it.

So what's important to know is whether it's nurture, whether it's nature, continue to encourage your child to learn and provide them with different opportunities to do that because they might prefer one way over another, they might prefer to draw versus write but encourage them to try both ways so that they can become more proficient at it over time.

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