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Do Boys Develop Differently than Girls?

Learn if boys develop at a different pace than girls from Watch Me Grow founder Shirael Pollack in this Howcast video.


Do boys develop differently than girls? Well, if you know a boy and you know a girl, your answer might be yes.

Typically, girls tend to mature a little faster than boys. Girls also tend to be a little more empathetic. They tend to show more affection. They tend to a little bit more nurturing. And they take what we tend to call more of a maternal approach.

But boys, on the other hand, while they still may be very caring and loving, they are a lot more active. Boys tend to run and climb, especially when they're younger, when you're talking about a two to four year old boy. That's a little bit different than a two to four year old girl.

The boy might be running. The boy might be off doing climbing and the girl might want to be sitting there doing arts and crafts, and the boy might have no interest in coloring at all.

Boys and girls might also like to play with different toys. Boys tend to like trains. They like pirates. They like more moving vehicles, like cars. Legos.

Girls, on the other hand, like arts and crafts more. They like to play princess games, Barbie dolls, dress-up.

But everybody likes to play doctor. And both of them tend to like kitchen too. So there are some similarities, and there are differences, and every child is very different.

So be careful not to put anybody in a box. Don't think that you have to just buy boys color blue, and let's not have any dolls in the house, because they might actually like the doll. And it's OK that they like dolls.

And girls might like Legos too. So the best thing to really do is to expose them to everything and let them decide what they like and what they don't. And if they don't like to play with something, still have it out. Let them have the opportunity. If they change their mind later, or even want to explore, let it be out there sitting in the playroom and maybe they'll decide to play with it one day.

So it's really important to provide ample opportunities to play with all sorts of toys and games that you may not think they want. Let them be the deciders.

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