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Children Who Want to Climb on Everything

Learn what it means when your child wants to climb on everything from child expert Shirael Pollack in this Howcast video about child development.


Okay. Children like to climb. Depending on the age, it can be an issue. If you find that your 2 year-old is climbing up and down everything and on the furniture, that's probably very typical behavior.

If you're finding, however, that even when you're telling them to come down and that they're not listening or that they're older and they continue to climb on everything, that could be a problem.

Now, we don't know yet what it could mean. It could mean a number of things. The first, most important thing to do is to observe your child's behavior and then to write down when you see and what you're seeing. So if you're finding that every day in the mornings they're climbing on everything versus in the afternoons, it's important to keep a record of when they're doing it.

Observe your child's behavior. Sometimes you can pick up on things. Are they seeking movement? Are they seeking some kind of sensory input that would provide them a feeling that they need in order to go on throughout the day? Could it be a sensory processing disorder? Could it be that they're just exploring? We don't know. The most important thing to know is to observe their behavior, to keep a journal of it and then to discuss it with your child's pediatrician to see whether or not that behavior requires further evaluation.

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