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Common Child Development Eating Issues

Learn the most common child development-related eating issues from Watch Me Grow founder Shirael Pollack in this Howcast video.


There are many common eating issues that occur in children. A big one is food allergies. Many children in fact have some intolerance or allergies to gluten which is a protein found in pasta as well as casein which is in milk and dairy products. That means not only are they allergic to it so it doesn't have to be so extreme that they can't have any of it.

Some people actually have an intolerance to it where they can eat it and it's not like they break out, but what happens is, is they become bloated and they become you know, feel very sluggish and this you know, gluten and casein is found in everything. Pasta and you know, think about every birthday party that you take your child to has pizza. And what's on the pizza? Cheese.

So that could be a deadly combination. Now your child may not have any of these issues, however, if they do and if you're noticing certain changes in our child it's really a great idea to talk to your pediatrician and get them tested. Have them being tested for these things. When they're infants, when they're younger the easiest way is you take a stool sample and that's how they test for these intolerances and allergies. And there are other ways too that you can discuss with our pediatrician.

Another thing that occurs in childhood is childhood obesity which is a big, big thing. Everybody knows how common it is these days and what you should recognize is that it does have something to do with what we feed our children. So we should be cognizant of that and we should limit the amount of sugar and the amount of fats that you provide your child.

If you're ever unsure of what to give our child to eat or how much of it you should give them discuss with your child's pediatrician and they will give you the best guidelines in terms of what to give them to eat and how much.

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