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What Is Flair Bartending?

Learn about flair bartending from mixologist Chris Cardone in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Chris Cardone and I'm gonna talk a little bit about what flair
bartending actually is. Flair bartending is nothing more than just
bartending with some style. It can be as easy as taking a tin and spinning
it around your body as you're moving or as difficult as juggling bottles
around, but the concept is that we're creating an environment of fun and
excitement for the customers.

When a customer walks into the bar and they sit down and they are greeted
by bartender, it's not just a 'hi, how are you. Here's your drink. Thank
you for cash' transaction over. It's more of an entertainment value. It's
more of an entertainment value. It's giving somebody something to remember
you by and creating an experience for the guests so they can really be into
it and enjoy what they're watching.

The concept is really simple. It's using your bar tools, using your
bottles, using liquor. It's using your body, using your personality and
your art to creating an experience for the guests and give them something
to remember when they go home. The next morning they way up, maybe hung
over, maybe not, but they at least have an experience and they can wake up
and think about the bartender from the night before.

You know that guy or girl was a little different than I've usually seen and
so, it creates a fun excitement. It's really popular in some cities,
especially in cities that are more like vacation time, more like Las Begas
or Florida where you're more laid back and sitting enjoying a drink at the
bar. You're not in a rush to get a drink or to network with somebody. You
can sit back and watch and really enjoy the show.
At the same, it can work in any fast paced bar like New York City or London
where it's not a showy, not as glamorous but there's still stuff going on,
especially to a trained eye. You'll catch a lot of flair bartending. It can
also be as simple as spinning a spoon a certain way. Sometimes you just
watch a bartender mixing a drink in their own specific way whether they're
shaking it with a specific motion or they're stirring in with a certain
elegance. Technically, that's flair bartending.

It's really just a matter of doing something with pizzaz or an art and
showing off your personality. Making it more of an exciting situation for
the customer. Pretty much, that's flair bartending.

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