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How to Open 3 Beers at the Same Time

Learn how to open three beers at the same time from mixologist / flair bartender Chris Cardone in this Howcast video.


Hi. I'm Chris Cardone from the Beatrice Inn in New York City, and I'm going to teach you how to open up three bottles with flair at the same time. Now most people know how to open a beer. You'll take your beer opener. You'll place it underneath the cap. Pop it off. But we want to do it a little bit more exciting. So the first thing we're going to do is we're going to learn how to open up a beer with flair by taking our beer bottle opener. You're going to place your pointer finger inside here, and you're just going to kind of swing it like this. You're going to come around the back of the beer and kind of use that to pop off the top of it.

Now to hold three beers in one hand at the same time to do this, we're going to take our first beer and our second beer between our thumb, pointer finger, and our middle finger. The two beers are going to be held by those three fingers. Then we're going to take our third beer and place it using our pinkie and our ringer finger to squeeze that one together. So now we have three beers in our hand. Then you're going to take your beer opener, and you're going to come around back like this, and we're going to open them one, two, three.

The idea is, by doing this we can open up three beers really, really quickly with a little bit more of a show and kind of give the guests a little bit of an experience of flair bar tending while we're speed bar tending at the same time. How many times are you going to open up one beer at a time when you have three or four people who are going to say, "Can I have three or four beers?" So we want to be able to do this really quickly. So let's do this in full motion. We'll see how it looks. You take your first one, your second one, and your third beer. You come around, and you got three beers opened with some flair very quickly.

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