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How to Do the Flat behind the Back Flair Bartending Move

Learn how to do the flat behind the back flair bartending move from mixologist Chris Cardone in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Chris Cardone from the Beatrice Inn in New York City and I'm gonna teach you how to do a flat behind the back. Now the forward flat just means an object going behind your back and not rotating. And the reason for this is that certain times you'll have a full bottle behind the bar that you can't rotate otherwise it'll spill so you have to use something flat. Now you could practice this with a tin and learn how to do a flat behind the back with a tin and then eventually you can graduate to a bottle.

Now, obviously we wanna start with something that's unbreakable like a flair bottle and then we'll work our way into glass and then we'll work our way into full bottles. But the concept behind a flat is you take your bottle, you bring it around your back and you're gonna release it and push with your finger so that way it stays flat. So to look from behind it basically comes around, your release point is your opposite butt cheek and you push with your finger. And when you push with your finger it keeps the bottle from rotating and just keeps a flat behind the back.

Once you get comfortable with a practice bottle you can then move into a little bit of liquid or an exhibition flare bottle where you bring it around your back and you do a flat toss to your other hand, like that and there's no spill. Now at some point you're gonna get comfortable that you can do this at work no matter where the setting of the bottle is because you're obviously at work when you're getting busy. You can't say, "Oh, let me do this trick with only bottles that are a quarter full". So you want to be able to do it with any bottle.

No matter the weight change, it doesn't change the move at all. You come around your body. You get to your opposite butt cheek, you push with your finger and release and no drops come out of the bottle. It's a spill-less move. And that's a flat behind the back, coming around, catching it and then you pour it. And that is how you do a flat behind the back.

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