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How to Do a Stall Flair Bartending Move

Learn how to do the flair bartending move called a stall from mixologist Chris Cardone in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Chris Cardone from the Flair Bartend Association and I'm gonna teach you how to do a stall. A stall is just taking any object behind a bar and landing it anywhere on your body and keeping it there. The most common stall that you see is one on the back of someone's hand where the bottle sits back here, but you can do it on your forearm, you can throw it up and stall it on the opposite side, you can pretty much stall it anywhere on your body. I've seen people do it on their legs, on their chin, on their head, but we're gonna start with a basic stall which is just on the back of your hand.

The way you practice stalling, the way I practice stalling is you basically place the object on your hand and get it comfortable. At that point, you want to start to move it around because the bottle's not just gonna land flat so you wanna get a comfort level for whether it goes this way, or this way, or up or down and you just kind of get comfortable moving it all around. At some point, I like to practice actually going down to pick something up and then coming back up and making sure it's still there. And again at some point you're gonna just say, okay, I can keep this thing on my hand. Then, what I like to do is take the bottle and just drop it on my hand and get a feel for the weight and get a feel for how it's gonna feel to land.

The other thing is when you're stalling you don't want to create an impact, you want to make a cushion. So you don't want to hear it smack your bones on your body, that doesn't exactly feel good. So you want to kind of bring it down with the stall. So as you bring it down, it kind of create cushion for it. And that kind of softens the ability to kind of keep it on your hand or your body part.

Then at some point you're gonna feel very comfortable. You're gonna take your bottle and throw it up to a stall. And that's pretty much how you do it. You take your barbel, you just do a quick rotation up and you land it kind of bringing your hand down to create a cushion, landing it on a comfortable part of your hand and that is how to do a stall.

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