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How to Do the Arm Roll with a Tin Flair Bartending Move

Learn how to do the arm roll with a tin flair bartending move from mixologist Chris Cardone in this Howcast video.


Hi. I'm Chris Cardone from the Flair Bartender's Association. I'm the northeast United States representative, and I'm going to teach you today how to do an arm roll with a tin. It's a really really easy move once you understand the concept behind it and the way it works, but it's something that a lot of bartender's like to start a routine with, so whether they're competing or working in a bar, it's a really nice way to just get things rolling.

So the concept behind how this works is, it's all about the tin's spinning. The tin has to be in motion. If it doesn't it's just going to land here and it's not going to go anywhere.

So to start it, you have to take your wrist, you bring, basically, your wrist inside and then you snap the tin out. And you'll see there's a rotation to the tin when you're snapping it like this. Then, once you snap it, you're going to simply place your arm out. The tin is going to hit here and, because it's rolling already from the snap that you're doing, it's going to hit your hand, roll down your arm, and when it gets to your elbow, that's when you're going to set your other hand, basically chest high, sitting here waiting, for the tin to come and fall into your hand.

So you're going to roll it down, right into your hand, and that is the move in general.

Now again, the key to this is how hard you snap it. If you snap it really hard it usually doesn't work so well because it will hit and roll off and things like that.

The other thing is how you angle your arm. If you angle your arm backwards, it's going to roll down and it will fall behind your back, leading to another move, which is an arm roll, catching it behind your back. But when you're first starting you want to slightly tilt your arm to your left or inside your body, and you're going to let it fall into your hand.

So again, it comes down and rolls in. And then if you tilt your arm out, you're going to roll it down and catch it behind your back. But either way, the concept is a snap of your wrist, and then catching it. And that's how you do an arm roll with a tin.

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