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How to Do a Sequence Flair Bartending Move

Learn how to do the flair bartending move called a sequence from mixologist Chris Cardone in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Chris Cardone. I'm the Northeast United States representative of the Flair Bartending Association and I want to talk about sequencing. Sequencing when it comes to Flair Bartending is so important to make yourself look smooth and make the Flair Bartending aspect quicker and more precise. So when it comes to sequencing it's taking a bunch of moves, putting 'em into what's called a sequence and making it look smooth. It's an art to it and a science to it.

So the first thing you have to do is figure out what moves you want to put in the sequence. So for today we'll just say, I want to take a bottle pass through. I want to take a bottle exchange and also a bottle pour and put 'em together. So I want to think about how I can take these three moves and put 'em together in a sequence to make it look smooth. So if I'm gonna do an exchange I wanna figure out that I'm gonna start by holding my bottles in the exchange position where I can take the bottle and swipe it through the other one.

Now the next move is gonna be an exchange behind my back. So I can take a bottle and I can throw it like this and catch it or I can think about after I do the swipe through where I want to go. And I'm gonna go behind my back so why change my position when I can simply throw it behind my back. Then I have to think about pouring the bottle like this. So how do I take catching a bottle behind my back and putting that together with a pour. Maybe instead of just pouring it I'm gonna take it and throw it behind my back and catch it like that to a pour.

And then when I want to put it all together, I think about my moves, I think about my hand positioning and I make it all look smooth like that. Make it all into a smooth sequence of moves instead of trying to do one move at a time. It makes the bartender look smoother and it makes a quicker action. So now I'm pumping out my drinks faster. And that's how you put a sequence of moves together.

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