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How to Catch a Beer Bottle behind Your Back

Learn how to catch a beer bottle behind your back from mixologist / flair bartender Chris Cardone in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Chris Cardone from the Beatrice Inn in New York City and I'm gonna
teach you how to catch a beer bottle behind your back. It's a great move.
The reason I like it so much is that it's a very low risk move. When
somebody's done with their beer, there's nothing really there except their
five cent deposit so if you drop it or it breaks behind the bar, it doesn't
really cost the bar owner any money.

No one's really gonna care except for you maybe, being a little
embarrassed, so it's a really, really nice way to start learning how to be
comfortable flaring behind an actual live bar. The technique behind it is
really actually quite simple. It looks like it's going over your shoulder
but it's actually not. It's actually going off to your side. When you
practice, you start with a tin. You take your tin and you place it to your

Then what you're gonna do is you're going to gently pull the tin toward
your body and let go. You also wanna slightly angle the tin so you have
more surface area to grab. When you let go, it gonna just fall behind you.
Now, the other part of this is to catch it behind your back. You wanna
create a target with your hand, so you wanna place your open hand up with
your thumb against the small of your back and you want it where your belt
starts, where that line is.

This is your target and this give you an idea of where your tin is gonna go
when you gently release it out and then, you'll know when to squeeze. The
other thing is when you let go of the tin, you wanna keep an eye on the tin
because you'll know the timing-wise of when it's going to actually fall
into your hand by watching the tin drop behind your back. When you look at
it quickly, it looks like it's coming over your shoulder but it's really
going over to the side of you.

Eventually, you'll feel comfortable. You graduate to a beer. It's really no
different. The beer's gonna be empty. In this case, it's full but it's
gonna be empty. You're gonna take your been, you're just gonna drop it
behind your back and and catch it behind your back. That's how you drop a
beer behind your back.

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