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5 Sleeping Pill Side Effects

Learn about five sleeping pill side effects from sleep specialist Priyanka Yadav, D.O. in this Howcast video.


Priyanka S. Yadav: Some of the common side effects of sleeping pills are day-time sleepiness. Now, they are doing what they are supposed to be doing, but their sedative effects can last well into the day-time hours and make you feel sleepy during the day. Now, other side effects of sleeping pills can include abnormal sleep activities, especially with the use of Ambien and Lunesta, more particularly Ambien. There have been documented cases sleep driving, sleep eating, sleep walking and talking, all with the use of Ambien. So, if you are on Ambien and you are experiencing any of these, you should really talk to your physician about discontinuing it or changing your sleep medication. Now, other side effects with the use of sleep aids include the standard headaches, nausea, vomiting.

Also, with melatonin, a common over-the-counter medication used to help with sleep onset, some of the common side effects do include day-time sleepiness, as well as nightmares. Nightmares are very commonly seen with the use of melatonin.

There is a risk of developing a tolerance or dependency on sleep aids to help you sleep better at night. If you find yourself using these medications on a long-term basis, you might want to consult with your physician whether you need to change your medications or change your mode of therapy for your insomnia at night.

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