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How Much Sleep Do Children Need?

Learn how much sleep children need from sleep specialist Priyanka Yadav, D.O. in this Howcast video.


So the amount of sleep that your child needs does vary greatly from the newborn state to teenagers.

When they're newborns, they sleep about ten to 18 hours on an irregular schedule but stay awake for about two to three hours at a time. Now, this can also depend on their feeding pattern. When they are infants, they sleep about nine to 12 hours at night and do take naps one to four times during the day.

In toddlers, they sleep ten to 14 hours in a 24 hour period and may nap from zero to one time during the day. In school age kids, they tend to sleep about 11 to ten hours during the night and when they become teenagers, they need about nine to ten hours at night. This can vary greatly depending on what age group that they're in but the amount of sleep that they need does greatly depend on how they're feeling during the day.

Now in general, these are just guidelines but the amount of sleep that your child needs is the amount of sleep that they get where they do not feel sleepy during the next day.

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