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How to Do a Single & Double Stomp in Step Dance

Learn how to do a single and double stomp from choreographer Victor Sho in this Howcast step dance video.


Hi. My name is Victor Shell, and I'm going to basically give you an understanding of what power stepping is.

Power stepping is basically, when you're doing power stepping, you want to have your feet closer together, for the most part. You definitely want to stay definitely grounded, and it incorporated arm movements, and hard stomps, when you're driving your entire body down as you stomp. Okay?

A lot of times, people incorporate strolls with them, when they move their arms like this, where their bodies extended, and contract. Yeah? Another thing is, when you're doing power stepping, they also use these kind of arm movements where they go like this. Okay?

They call it power stepping because it's so much more powerful, and stronger, than technical stepping. Yeah? I mean, technical stepping, period, is a powerful and energetic, fully energetic form of dance, but power stepping is a little bit more slow paced. Yeah?

That's pretty much it, and that's power stepping.

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