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How to Do a Horse Clap in Step Dance

Learn how to do a horse clap from choreographer Victor Sho in this Howcast step dance video.


Hi, my name is Victor Sho, and I am basically going to explain what is party strolling. Okay?

Party strolling is a form of power stepping. The only difference is that it's done to music. In that sense, it allows you to be a little more free, allows you to incorporate a little bit of more dance into it, and, depending on which song that you use, the movement kind of changes, even if you choreograph it, because, a lot of times people choreograph power stepping, I mean their party stroll before the music even comes, but you will feel it when the music comes, the groove comes in and everything else.

So what I like to do when I explain power stepping, I understand that it is a little more precise, because you're creating all of these pictures. You can do the same thing with party strolling. The only difference, like I said, is there are elements of street style. There are elements of Hip Hop in it, like, in locking, they have this thing which you call a Tom and Jerry. You have this kind of funky groove, which you're locking. It's a form of Hip Hop. It's still dancing. However, you can apply that understanding of movement and groove to party strolling. There are people who step just really stiff, like this. However, if you applied that same kind of funky move that you use in locking, that Tom and Jerry kind of movement to party strolling, then you add a little bit more flavor to it. You get a little bit more, more moves, do you understand what I'm saying?

That's party stroll. I'm going to show you a little demonstration.

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