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How to Contract & Release in Step Dance Power Stepping

Learn how to contract and release in power stepping from choreographer Victor Sho in this Howcast step dance video.


Hi, my name is Victor Shell, and I'm going to show you how to hop, when you're doing your power step or a party stroll. Now people use hops all the time and there's so many different ones you can do. There's ones over here, there's ones over here. Or, there's a specific one that you can use in your side to side stroll that I really like to use.

So you're going to go right stroll, left stomp, left stroll, right stomp. And you're going to jump in the air, your arms are going to go back, and naturally when your arms go back, your chest kind of releases out. And when you land, your feet are going to be together and your arms are going to be forward and you're going to be contracted. Now when you're in the air, the goal is to keep your feet glued together, and you're going to do a hitch-kick, with both of them kicking towards the back.

And this looks like this. Now to reset it, you step with your left, you step with your right, you step over back again with your right, and then you hop towards you right again. Feet together. And then you keep on doing the same thing. Start with your left, right, right, here we go. Left, right, right, here we go. That's how you do that kind of hop that I like. So, let me give you a demonstration of how you can use it. Once again, you can do this with music, or without. But we're going to do it without music. Here we go. Five, six, seven, and one, two, three, four, hop, six, seven, eight, hop, hop, hop. And that's how you hop in a power step or party stroll.

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