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How to Do an Intermediate Technical Step Dance Combo

Learn how to do an intermediate technical step combo from choreographer Victor Sho in this Howcast step dance video.


Hi, my name is Victor Sho, and I'm going to tell you what a horse clap is. Okay?

A horse clap is another form of a triplet, because it's actually something that goes in three's. The only difference with the horse clap is that it can go into a horse clap of three, a horse clap that can lead into a four, or a horse clap that can even lead into a five. Once again, I'm just going to be clear that this is not a universal language for step. This is what my step team, my step company, uses as a form of language to teach our students and explain our style. All right?

Basically, when you are doing to horse clap, it's basically like this. It's just that simple. The only difference is, it can be used in different ways. Okay? 1-2-3. It's 1-2-3. Another way I explain it is basically for people to move at their wrist, once their left hand is hit. You are hitting this hand right here, clap, that hand rotates. The reason why that's important is because sometimes when people are doing a horse clap, they actually go, 1-2-3. The thing is, that uses so much more force and energy that you can burn yourself out if you do it continuously. Moving at the wrist uses a lot less energy. Very important detail to keep note. Okay? It goes 1-2-3.

They call it a horse clap, because you can see everyone do this. It sounds like a horse clap. It's just literally that simple.

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