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How to Do an Advanced Party Stroll in Step Dance

Learn how to do an advanced party stroll from choreographer Victor Sho in this Howcast step dance video.


Hi my name is Victor Sho and I'm going to teach you an intermediate party stroll, this is my assistant Oscar Asalido and we're gonna get right into it.

So what were going to do, is we're gonna do simple party stroll to left, party stroll to the right, simple.

And what we're gonna do after that is we're gonna slide we're gonna shoot our arms this way we're gonna slide with a nice lunge this way.

And we're gonna do that into a stomp with our arms with our right leg and contract right here, so after we do a party stroll to the left right stomp, party stroll to the right left stomp, gonna slide and stomp with our right leg.

And then what you're gonna do is take a step and pivot with on your left leg, here. What you're gonna do is bring this right hand back up here.

Why? Because it's prepping to clap under here. Take it back. So gonna go stroll to the left right stomp, stroll to the right left stomp, slide to the left right stomp, step over with your right left, clap under your left.

[inaudible 1:28]

Alright, okay so from here what you're gonna do is you're gonna hop onto your left leg and stomp on that left leg as you raise your hands up. So from here you're gonna go [stomping noise 1:40] yep and you're gonna clap over your leg, and then under your leg, okay?

Let's take it back. So stroll to the left right stomp, stroll to the right left stomp, slide to the left right stomp, elbow with your right clap under your left, hop on your left, clap under, clap over then under, okay?

From here we're going to take this right leg and we're going to step over with our hands, pivot to the side this way, and then you bring this left leg and you stomp right here. Once again after we take this step over here, clap under, stomp, clap clap, step here.

Let's take it back.

From the beginning 5, 6, 7 and it's left, right, right, left, slide left, right slide, right here, clap under, step here.

From here what we're going to do is we're going to start strolling back. Starting with our left leg hiking up our right left and then we're gonna contract our torso. So it's gonna go like this [inaudible 3:05] and that's not gonna be any sound right there. The sound starts as soon as we throw our hands towards our front, so we put our right leg down. Now we stomp on our left and hike up our right and we stay low.

Contract a little bit so you're not coming fully up but your hands drop as your right leg drops and then stomp on your left leg again. Now you do a quick ball change as you get up, right, left, and then you start on your left again to start the whole thing all over slowly. Stomp right, left stomp slide left right stomp, step right clap under your left, hop stomp clap clap, step to your side stomp with your left facing forward. And you're gonna put all your weight on your left leg hiking up your right and you just gonna silently go down and you keep this groove going here. Now you shoot your arms up here. Okay.

So this groove is simple, you're just gonna continuously pick that right leg up as you stomp this left leg. But the first one is soft, it comes down. And then this last one right here you gonna ball change. And that's how we do it.

Let's try it again from the beginning, all the way to the end slowly. 5, 6, 7 go left stroll right stomp, right stroll left stomp, left slide right stomp, right step clap under your left, hope clap clap, side step front step , soft boom, boom ball change. Okay and you see that ball change leads into the stroll so after you go back right here you're going down soft stomp, soft stomp to start the ball change right here, into the stroll, starting over again.

Slide boom, clap, boom bap bap, side step front, here softly stomp, softly stomp we finish.

Now me and Oscar gonna do a little bit more on the tempo and then full out here we go.

5, 6, 5, 6, 5, 6, 7. ho ho hey, slide out . . . ball change . . . slide . . . side step front step, softly, hard, softly, and finished.

Alright now we're gonna show you how to do it with music, and you'll see how the music effects our bodies and our movement, okay.

5, 6, 5, 6, 7.

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