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How to Do a Latin-Infused Step Dance

Learn how to do a Latin-infused step dance from choreographer Victor Sho in this Howcast dance video.


Hi, my name is Victor Sho, and right now I'm going to show you how I infuse krump dance with stepping. Okay? So, we're going to go, we're going to get grounded right now. We're going to stomp with our right leg, stomp with our left leg, clap with our right, with our hands right here. So you're going to go one, two. Five, six, seven, and one, two. Okay? So after you do that, what I want you to do is hit your thighs. Right, left. And then you're going to go right, left, clap. Again. Right, left clap, hop hop, right, left, clap. Okay? Five, six, seven, and boom, boom bop, bop bop, boom, boom, bop. Five, six, five, six, seven, and. Okay?

So what we're going to do right now, we're going to slide our hands in, bring it out, and we're going to punch our palm right here. Right fist, left palm. Bop. Okay? But what our legs are going to do is hop. Okay? And what we call this is kind of like a buck hop in krump. Yeah? Where you just drop on the lower, you just drop to one leg and sink in. Drop. Okay? Just five, six, seven, drop it, drop. So you drop. You're sinking your body. Drop. Okay? The only difference is now we're kind of going to do like a clomp with it. Here we go. Okay? Good.

So now you're going to go clomp. So you're going go clomp, and then right leg stomp, then you're going to hit your hands. So it's going to go, five, six, seven, and palm, boom, clap. Let's take it back. So you're going to go right, left, clap, boom, boom, clap, bop, bop. Five, six, seven and. Okay? Now you're going to do your right, left thigh again. Bop bop. Right leg stomp, left leg stomp. Bop again. Okay? So you're going to clomp, bop, boom bop, bop bop, boom, boom, bop. Okay? Five, six, seven and bop, bop, bop bop, boom, boom bop. Let's take it back, five, six, five, six, seven, and [dances]. Okay?

So now you're going to go bop, boom bop, bop bop, and you're going to punch your arm right through your left hand. Bop, bop, boom. You see how I'm grounded right here? I'm going to punch my arm right through my left hand and come up with it, boom, and do a quick punch and a right leg stomp with it. Boom. So you're going to go boom, boom. And as soon as you do that quick punch, boom, you're going to do another clomp. So you're going to go boom, boom, and then you're going to do a clomp with your right leg stomping again. Bop. Okay? So it's boom, boom, bop. Okay? Okay?

We're almost there. Trust me, you've got this. So you're going to go boom, boom bop, you're going to do the same beat again. Bop. Okay so it's going to be boom, boom clomp, left leg stomp, boom, bop. Another right, left on your thigh, bop bop. Right, left on your feet, boom boom, and clap. bop. So boom, boom bop, bop bop, boom, boom, clap. And then we're going to finish it off right after this. From the top, five, six, seven, go.

Mm-hmm, we're almost there. So this is how we're going to finish it off. You're going to stomp and throw your hands over here to the side, putting your left hand over your right. Boom. You're going to throw your hands up, voom. Boom, voom. Boom. Bring your hands down and stomp with your left leg. Chest pop. Voom. One more buck hop and it's going to go right, left. Boom boom. And you're going to finish it off right here. Right, left. And that's how you're going to do it. So you're going to go five, six, five, six, five, six, seven go.

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