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How to Infuse Krump Dance with Stepping

Learn how to infuse krump dance with stepping from choreographer Victor Sho in this Howcast step dance video.


Hi, my name is Victor Sho and I'm going to show you how to develop step team chants. The step team chants for Acandis, as they like to call it, is basically what sets the tone for the step. It also sets the tempo for the step. It also introduces the name of step or the name of the step team. It is like a representation of who you are and the energy you're about to put into the step.

A lot of time, when I'm trying to develop a chant, what I like to do is use the name of the organization that I'm in, use my name, use the name of the step. For example, right now, we're doing tutorials for Howcast. Today, we are Howcast Steppers. A simple connotation on this would be Howcast Steppers bring it down like. A lot of times, when you say bring it down, break it down, mix it up, bring that whatever.

You use something that shows you're about to get it in, yeah. Cool? Definitely want to be loud and energetic. Once again, our chant. You can say it with me. Howcast Steppers break it down like. All right. I'll do a demonstration. Howcast Steppers break it down like. That's how you develop a chant to set up your step.

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